FLC Preschool has been closed indefinitely. We are no longer able to accept students.


  • Porch visits to each of our students to return their indoor shoes and bring an Easter treat.  (photos on preschool’s Facebook page)
  • Weekly activity ideas shared by email


  • One-to-one weekly half hour interactive preschool skype sessions to assist children in completing their Alphabet/Number scrapbooks which we began in September and continue their pre-reading, pre-math, and find motor development.  A weekly art/craft/pre-printing activity was emailed to each home so we could work on it together during our skype session in addition to stories and songs.
  • Porch visit to deliver partially completed scrapbooks and a craft that each child could make for Mothers’ Day as a gift to their mom.  (photos on preschool’s Facebook page)


  • Interactive Skype tutorials began incorporating games in addition to stories, song, and fine motor practise.  More children joined and some wanted twice weekly sessions.  Each tutorial is uniquely adapted to each child.
  • Finished our year with a Graduation Parade.  Thank you for decorating your cars and bringing your smiles!  (photos on private YouTube channel)


  • Virtual Bible camp for ages 4 -10 on private YouTube channel with craft bag pick up


September 2020:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly tutorials will start for children:
    • Of preschool  and pre-kindergarten age to support the development of pre-reading, pre-printing, pre-math, fine motor, literacy, and social interactive learning through games, stories, song, art, movement, and extended activities
    • 6 years and under who are learning 2 languages and would like additional practise in English
    • 6 years and under who would like a reading/writing buddy for extra practise
    • Families can choose an optional Christian component for their child’s preschool or literacy tutorial or even choose virtual “Sunday School” which isn’t necessarily on Sunday
    • Whose parents don’t feel comfortable sending their young child to a group while our world is still coping with a pandemic, but want interactive learning instead passive screen time
    • Whose parent may have been laid off and want a more affordable preschool alternative