Foothills Lutheran Christian Preschool is a ministry of Foothills Lutheran Church to the surrounding community. For more information on other ministries at Foothills Lutheran go to

Families do not need to have a Christian background to register their child.

  • Our teacher is offering an interactive virtual preschool tutoring session online while our physical space is closed. E-mail her directly at [email protected].
  • We are licensed with Alberta Child and Family Services.
  • We are a member of the Southern Alberta Preschool Teachers Association.
  • We accept students who qualify for PUF funding.
  • We work with a government funding provider to enable our students to access services at our preschool to help with speech and language delays, focus, behaviour, balance, sensory integration, and visual-motor integration. All students who are at least three years and eight months old by September 1 will be screened free of charge in September by a speech/language pathologist and an occupational therapist to see if they are eligible. Upon the request of a parent or teacher, screenings can also be arranged for younger students.
  • We are happy to include children learning English as a second language in our classes in order for them to learn English vocabulary and to gain experience expressing themselves in English. There is government funding available to access additional ELL service at our preschool for children who will be at least three years and eight months old by September 1.