Parents Share Comments

Thank you for a great year at preschool. [My child] learned many new things and had lots of fun.

Your kindness and patience will be always memorable.”

No words can express how much I appreciated the effort you have put in the children: your commitment, your patience, loving care, kindness and the willingness to do extra work. [My child] has learned a lot from you. You have helped him build a very good foundation in many areas. Besides exposing him to speaking English and understanding phonics, you’ve done a great job of introducing him [to] the enjoyment of making crafts. He can now make use of anything to create something he likes . . . The sense of achievement and confidence he gets through making the craft is what really impressed me. To be honest, I could not be able to nourish him in that way at home since your craft ideas are numerous and incredible. Of course, last but not least, [my child] happily bursts out songs whenever and wherever he likes.”

Thank you also for being such a kind and patient teacher to [my child]. He LOVES going to school and it has been a very valuable experience for him.”

Thank you for a GREAT 2 years of preschool. [My child] just loved coming to school everyday!”

“After a negative week at a preschool close to our home, my wife visited 10 – 15 preschools before she chose to enroll our child in Foothills Lutheran Christian Preschool. We feel that the staff truly cares about our child as an individual. Instead of dreading preschool, our child looks forward to each preschool morning and enters the classroom with a smile each day. We have recommended your preschool to our friends.”

“Wonderful! I appreciate your knowledge of early child development to be able to provide the students with age-appropriate play, activities, and “work” so that they have a great chance to be independently successful.”

“I have watched my child grow over the few months that he has been at this institution.”

“I love that my daughter learns to be thankful to God for friends, helpers and food. I love that they went to the senior’s residence and felt that they were teaching as my daughter put it, “the grandmas and grandpas that they love them and that Jesus loves them.”

“Great. [My children] love it!”

“ I also love those articles from Mrs. Chandler that appear in the Tuscany Sun included in the monthly newsletter.”

“You accommodate children from diverse backgrounds, providing a great opportunity to understand the multi-cultural nature of Canada. Much appreciated!”

“I am just so thankful ‘cause I’ve seen my son grow and glow everyday that he goes to school. Thank you so much for giving my son a wonderful preschool experience.”

“Wonderful! Couldn’t say enough!”

“Thank you for these last two years. We have seen (our child) getting more and more confident as she was learning English.”

“You have been so welcoming and understanding and this has been a wonderful time”

“Thank you for being (my child’s) first teacher these last 2 years. It has been a wonderful experience for her and me. You are a very special teacher.”

“Thank you for your dedication to the students you teach. It is obvious you care for each student and to show all of them God’s love. You are a blessing to all of the students and their families.”

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work this year. We really appreciate the wonderful activities and crafts that you create for the students. (my child) has really enjoyed your class.”

“Thank you so much for your caring support, hard work and wisdom over the years. You are special to my family having taught all three girls . . .”

“Thank you so much for all you have done for (my child) and to make me feel welcome in Calgary. You have gone above and beyond time after time and it is truly appreciated. Our whole family has been blessed by your work at the preschool! I know (my child) is ready and excited to begin kindergarten thanks to you.”

“Thank you so much for all your patience and hard work! We are confident (our child) is ready for kindergarten, thanks to all she has learned from you. Thank you for reading good stories!”

“Thank you for helping (my child) transition to preschool. I love your program. It will help prepare (my child) for ECS. Also he loves show and tell.”