Cognitive Development:

Children are facilitated in their cognitive development and encouraged in their love of learning.  We work to enrich and extend children’s acquisition and use of language and other thought processes as children come to a greater understanding of the world around them.  Children are daily read to from quality children’s literature to enable them to expand their vocabulary base and develop a love of the written word.  The Animated Literacy curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears curriculum support what we do in the classroom as we enhance the children’s listening, speaking, and pre-reading skills development.

Children are nurtured in the development of pre-math skills and introduced to a range of science topics.  Children are exposed to basic geometric shapes, ordering, number recognition and number value concepts.  Whether it be experimenting with gravity and structure through playing with various types of blocks or mixing color at the paint easel or water table, children learn by pushing, pulling and experiencing their world through enquiry-based learning.